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Before even start planning your move, check our awesome guide on how to save huge on interstate, household and cross county moves.

1.Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff

Your moving cost is mostly based on the amount of stuff that you’re planning to move, so it’s a good idea to start fresh and to get rid of items like old bookshelves, cheap pressed wood furniture and even old mattresses that you thought one day of replacing. Another good idea to get rid of unwanted stuff is a garage sale.

2.Pack all the boxes

Another awesome tip is to have your boxes ready. Packing, at first may seem an easy job, but it’s very time consuming one, don’t leave it until the last minute, start packing your belongings right after you get rid of unwanted stuff.

3.Packing supplies

The supplies that you will use, will play a significant role in protecting and organizing your goods. Ask one of our moving consultants on DIY moving supplies kit. We will provide you with the best quality moving supplies delivered to your door. We carry a full range of moving supplies boxes (all sizes), moving tape, dish paper and more. It is always recommended to leave fragile items such as glass tops, marble tops, glass cabinets, antiques, statues, vases, pictures etc., to our highly trained moving specialists.

4.Packing properly

The best tip on packing your boxes properly, is to make sure the bottom is securely sealed, pay attention to the bottom of the boxes, leave the tops for us. Make sure your boxes are filled all the way, don’t leave any space inside, this way your items will not move inside during the relocation process. Don’t overload your boxes, as per moving standards, boxes should weight not more than 50 lbs. Use unwanted paper to fill the empty spots inside the box. When packing your clothes, fill the bottoms of the wardrobe boxes with such items like pillows, bed linens, rugs, shoes, lamps etc.

5.Label Boxes

Always label your boxes with “Fragile” and “This Way Up”, when applicable. Use permanent markers (buy some extra). Wright your room on boxes and your bill of lading number, if you have it.

6.Do Not Pack

There are many items that you should not pack or move with you. Here are some examples: explosives, matches, radio-pharmaceuticals, paints and paint thinners, automobile chemicals, fire-works etc.

We hope these tips will help you prepare for your move smart and safe. Call us for high quality moving supplies as well as any related questions, we are here to help with your move!

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