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Local Moving Company West Palm Beach

Long Distance Moving Services West Palm Beach

Are you moving across the state or across the country? If so, then it won’t take you long to realize that moving a long distance takes a great deal of planning and strategy in order to complete the move in a timely manner and without causing you undo stress. Having a professional moving company like I and A Moving to help you accomplish that long distance move can make moving over a distance simpler and less stressful than you may think possible.

We Will Become Your Partner When Moving

Unlike many moving companies that simply show up, load up and move you. Here at I and A moving we actually partner with you in making your move. We will meet with you and discuss your various needs and work with you every step of the moving process to ensure that the move is accomplished in the manner you want and need. By becoming your partner we provide you with a variety of long distance of moving solutions so that you can choose the solution that best meets your needs and circumstances.

Packing materials

we can supply you with all the necessary packing supplies that you may need to pack up your dishes, wardrobe and other small items.


If you wish to have help to complete your packing, we can provide you with experienced packing help to help you get your packing done and out of the way so that making that move is simpler and easier.


In some cases, you need to put your property into storage until your new location is ready for you to occupy. In situations such as this we will be more than happy to unload at our storage facility or any storage facility you choose within a reasonable distance from your new location.

About Moving Company Florida

We Offer You a Breakdown of All Basic Moving Service

We provide you with affordable long distance moving costs including a breakdown of all basic moving services so that you know right up front what your moving cost are going to be. Our moving cost estimates includes mileage, gas usage and the cost of all tolls between your current location and your new location. We can provide you with a moving checklist, to help make your move go smoother and will also provide all the equipment and items needed to safely load and unload your items for you.

Timely Moves

Your satisfaction is our number one priority, so we make sure that we deliver your possessions to you in a timely manner. Just arrange for our movers enough in advance that we can load and up and move your possessions on the date you select or as close as possible to the date you will actually be making the move.

In addition our moving vans and trucks are all cleaned and well maintained and we are fully insured. While in most situations we deliver all your items in the same condition that they were in when they were packed and loaded onto our truck. However, there are times when accidents do occur and we carry insurance that will cover any reasonable damages.

If you are ready to make that long distance move then give us a call at (954) 804-1645 and let us know how we can be assistance to you.

Are You Ready To Move?

Meeting the needs of our customers is our number one priority here at I an A Moving so we are always happy to work with you to find the best solution to meet your needs. Just give us a call at (954) 804-1645 and we will be more than happy to set up an appointment with your to meet all of your moving and storage needs associated with your move.

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