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Local Moving Company West Palm Beach

Local Moving Company in West Palm Beach

Many times local moves can be more difficult and stressful than moving a long distance away. Whether you are moving just a few blocks away or several miles from your current location you often have to accomplish the move while still going to work every day, seeing the kids off to school and doing the 101 other daily activities that are on your calendar.

While you may be able to get family and friends to help with the move, you often have to try and accomplish the move when they are available to help and may have to deal with their lack of experience when it comes to moving fragile items from one place to another. Dealing with family and friends while moving can often adds more stress to an all ready stressful situation.

Hiring the services of our professional movers here at I and A moving can not only make the move less stressful, but can get that move accomplished in less time and with less worry than using friends and family to make that move.

Benefits of Hiring I and A Moving for Your Local Move

While you may not have to pay friends and family for helping you move, there are some real benefits to hiring our company to help you accomplish that move. These benefits include:

We work on your time table

Unlike family or friends who may have other commitments that make it necessary for you to accomplish your move bases on their timetable, when you hire our moving services we move you when you want and need to be moved. All you have to do is set the date and time when you want to move and we will be there bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to load up and get you move quickly and efficiently.

We Have the Right Tools To Get the Job Done

We have all the right tools move your household items, regardless of size safely. You won’t have to worry about that dresser or sofa being dropped or damaged because it too heavy to carry easily, because we have all the right tools to help move that heavy furniture safely.


Our professional movers have years of experience at handling fragile items, and since this is our business we are more likely to take the care you want in handling those types of items and to see that suffer no damage during the move.

We Can Supply You With Needed Materials

As a professional moving company we can supply you with all the materials you need to safely pack your items. We have packing boxes and packing materials so you can individually wrap and secure those delicate items or can ensure that heavier items are packed in strong enough boxes to make the move without damaging the contents inside.

Are You Ready To Move?

Here at I an A moving we do everything we possible to see to it that your local move is accomplished in the way you want it to be accomplished and is done in a timely manner that leaves you with more time and energy to continue on with the other important things in your life.

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